Prospective Investors

Ghana is an ideal location to do business and all prospective investors are welcome. However, like any attractive investment destination, online fraudster always schemes to take advantage of unsuspecting prospective investors. To avoid falling into the trap of these fraudsters, all prospective foreign businessmen/investors are advised to contact the High Commission in exploring business opportunities and/or establishing operations in Ghana.

Purchase of Gold and Diamonds in Ghana

Ghana abounds in gold and diamond deposits. However, the purchase and export of these minerals are carried out solely through the accredited government agency, the Precious Minerals Marketing Company (PMMC). In view of the prevalence of fraudsters in the gold and diamond business, interested buyers are advised to contact the High Commission for assistance.

Employment Opportunities in Malaysia

The Mission wishes to draw the attention of interested Ghanaians that Malaysia does not have employment policy for African migrants. Accordingly, the Mission wishes to advise Ghanaians to be wary of Recruitment Agents who promise them job opportunities in Malaysia.




The High Commission wishes to draw the attention of interested Ghanaians who may wish to engage in financial services business with Malaysian companies to kindly visit the website of the Bank Nagara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) on consumer alert and updates for lists of unauthorised or unapproved companies and websites as well as entities which are neither authorised nor approved to carry out financial services business without a licence under the Monetary Services Act 2011. Most of these companies claim to have a fund amount to billions of US Dollars held in financial Institutions located outside Malaysia and will therefore be able to provide financial services to interested Ghanaian companies. The High Commission wishes to indicate that these claims are false.

Click below for Bank Nagara’s list of unproved companies and websites. http://www.bnm.gov.my/index.php?lang=en&ch=en_financialconsumerlart

Announcement 2

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