Visa Application


Welcome to the Visa Section of the Ghana High Commission in Kuala Lumpur. Citizens of Malaysia and other ASEAN countries excluding Philippines and Thailand, who are travelling to Ghana for the purposes of Tourism, Business transit  must first obtain the requisite Ghanaian visa.

Visa application forms can be filled online, a copy must then be  submitted in person at the High Commission.

Visa applicants not residing in Malaysia may arrange with a Courier Service Company for submission and delivery.

Nationals from other countries who may be residing in Malaysia or in any of the Missions countries of concurrent accreditation MUST have a resident permit of the Country of  residence.


  1. Applicants must be in possession of a valid passport with at least six (6) months validity.
  2. A duly completed Visa forms must be submitted with two passport size pictures. (Blue background).
  3. A letter of introduction from applicants company in country of residence or a letter of invitation from host in Ghana including telephone numbers, business and house address in the case of a tourist visa applicant or a confirmed hotel booking.
  4. Flight itinerary
  5. Yellow Fever vaccination card.
  6. Copy of Bio-data page of passport 


  1. Upload size of Passport photo and signature should be less than 60kb
  2. Upload size of Documents (Passport scan copy, other supporting documents) should be less than 1 MB


  1. The procedure for transit visas are the same as the single entry visa application.
  2. Applicants however need to show their intent to pass through Ghana by providing their confirmed ticket to Ghana and the country of final destination.
  3. Sufficient funds to stay over in Ghana for up to 48 hours and a confirmed hotel booking.
  4. Visa or permission to enter the country of final destination.


Applicants from countries of concurrent accreditation should please add their National Identity card.

ECOWAS Nationals and other countries with which the Government of Ghana has specific bilateral agreements, are exempted from visa application.

Persons who enter the country as visitors are not permitted to take up employment even if there happens to be a vacancy on the Immigrant Quota of a prospective employer.

Visa processing takes up to three (3) working days.


A person considered to be a security risk

A person of unsound mind

A person declared by medical personnel as medically unsound

A person against whom there is a deportation order in force

A person without visible means of support

On the advice of health authorities, an individual may be refused entry into Ghana


Nationals of the following countries are exempted from obtaining entry visas to Ghana:

 1.  Barbados  All Passports
 2.  Brazil  Diplomatic and Service
 3.  People’s Republic of      China  Diplomatic and Service
 4.  Republic of Cuba  Diplomatic and Service
 5.  Federal Republic of Germany  Diplomatic and Service
 6.  Hong Kong  Diplomatic
 7.  Mauritius  All Passports
 8.  Republic of Seychelles  All Passports
 9.  Republic of South Africa  Diplomatic and Service
 10.  Republic of Sudan  Diplomatic and Service
 11.  Republic of Turkey  Diplomatic
 12.  Kenya  All Passports
 13.  Lesotho  All Passports
 14.  Namibia  Diplomatic and Service
 15.  Tanzania  All Passports
 16.  Trinidad and Tobago  All Passports
 17.  Singapore  All Passports
 18.  Uganda  All Passports
 19.  Zimbabwe  All Passports
 20.  Jamaica  All Passports
 21.  Rwanda  All Passports
 22.  Hungary  Diplomatic and Service
 23.  India  Diplomatic and Service
 24.  Equatorial Guinea  Diplomatic and Service
 25.  Kingdom of Morocco  Diplomatic and Service

Gratis Visas will be issued to:

Holders of Diplomatic, Service or Official passports.


Single Entry  Visa, Valid for 3 months                      RM 120

Multiple Entry Visa, Valid for 6 months                    RM 240